EODSA League

We are hiring a District Administrator which is a full-time, permanent position.

The full job description can be found here. Deadline for applying is November 4th, 2022

Estimates of temperature and humidex will be taken as provided/predicted by Environment Canada (EC)
as provided up to 7 hours prior to game kick-off times.

Breaks will be at approximately the quarters of game time, preferably at natural stoppages in play and
will allow unlimited substitutions at that time. Break should be a minimum of 2 minutes and a maximum
of 3 minutes.

A Coach or Referee can set a water break when the temperature at Kick-off time is over 28 degrees
Celsius or humidex estimated over 30 degrees Celsius before kick-off time.

The EODSL mandates water breaks at approximately the quarters of game time when the temperature
exceeds 34 degrees Celsius or humidex of 36 degrees Celsius.

The EODSL mandates cancelling matches where the temperature at the start of play is predicted to be in
excess of 37 degrees Celsius or humidex of 39 degrees Celsius at kick-off time.

Decisions should be taken around noon of days where Environment Canada (EC) predictions of high
temperatures and humidex values are available. Where exact kick-off times are not stated then the
average of the two closest predictions for that time should be used. For example if 6pm EC prediction is
humidex 40C and 7pm is humidex 38C then estimated 6:30 KO time would be humidex 39C. Reminders
of the mandated actions above should be as timely as possible but not less than 4 hours prior to common
kick-off times.

Decisions will be provided for EODSA based matches based upon the Ottawa predictions from
EC. Decisions will be provided for SOSA based matches based upon the Kingston prediction from EC.

Ontario Soccer is proud to pave the way for a cultural change in treatment of Match Officials through the No Ref, No Game program.

No Ref, No Game strives to stop the cycle of abuse and bullying towards match officials through culture change.

Click here to find out more

Match Official (Referee) retention and recruitment numbers has seen a drastic depletion of officials at all levels.

Although historically low in all sports, if they continue at current levels, they will threaten the viability of our game. When surveyed, the number one reason for Match Officials not returning to the game is maltreatment. Research also confirms that Match Officials are at increased risk for mental health challenges.

At Ontario Soccer, we strive to create programming and policy that will protect our Match Officials from the physical and mental health impacts of bullying and harassment.  As such we, are announcing a multi-year program surrounding Match Official Bullying and Harassment that will holistically address policy and discipline changes and public/participant education.  This will be supported by a marketing and awareness campaign.  We will gather input from the officiating community through focus groups, surveys and meetings. Additional research and data from University and Research partners will drive change throughout all levels of the game in Ontario.

As a first step in this program, we are releasing our Charter of Match Officials; one signed by the Ontario Soccer Board of Directors, and the other signed by our District Association Leaders. These Charters are a small first step in addressing the change in perspective, and adjustment to the current culture.  By signing these charters, our membership leaders are publicly committing to supporting our Match Officials with “a zero-tolerance approach and to delivering the anti-bullying and harassment programs we are developing.

Click here to view the Charter and for more program information.

In addition to this Charter, more resources will be released in the coming weeks and months.

If you have any questions, please contact Nicky Pearson, Sr. Manager of Match Officials Development npearson@ontariosoccer.net.

Please read - Important message from Vicki Lowe, Executive Director concerning team official behaviour

Thank you to all who where able to attend the meeting today. A copy of the slides along with the recording of the meeting can be found on our website Under Team Official How To Video's .

The EODSL will be holding our preseason meeting this Saturday May 7th at 9am via Zoom.

Please ensure your teams are aware of this meeting and they are sent to meeting invite with the url.

Attendance is mandatory for at least 1 team representative to attend.  Ideally this person is the manager.

Join Zoom Meeting https://us06web.zoom.us/j/88544135126

Eastern Ontario District Soccer League Outdoor 2022 Program

Combined ERSL and EODSL 2022 Game Days

The League will have a 14 week summer schedule followed by an optional 6 week schedule in the Ffall

The key dates are as follows

Week of Monday 16th May - season starts

Week of Monday July 26th - start of 2 week mid season break

Week of Monday August 8th - summer season resumes

Week of Monday August 21st - final week of the under 18 season

Week of Monday August 29th - final week of the summer season

Week of Monday September 5th - break week

Week of Monday September 12th - optional 6 week fall season starts

Week of Monday October 17th - optional 6 week fall season ends

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